Shareholder structure

The following table shows the shareholder structure of Elia System Operator SA as at December 31, 2018.

Shareholder Number of shares % of shares   % of voting rights
Publi-T (Class B and C shares) 27,383,507 44.88 44.88
Publipart (Class A shares) 1,526,756 2.50 2.50
Belfius Insurance (Société Fédérale de Participations et d'Investissement) (Class B shares) 1,134,760 1.86 1.86
Katoen Natie Group (Class B shares) 4,231,148 6.93 6.93
Interfin (Class B shares) 2,598,143 4.26 4.26
Other free float (Class B shares) 24,140,744 39.57 39.57
Total 61,015,058 100  100

Declaration of transparancy

In accordance with the financial transparency rules and legislation, Elia System Operator publishes the shareholding notifications it received.

Under Belgian legislation on transparency, shareholdings of at least 5% (or a multiple of 5%) must be reported to the FSMA and to the company in question.