Public consultation on methodology for DGO allocation estimation on real-time


In 2017, Elia conducted a study about the near real time calculation of individual BRP imbalance volume. This study was part of the discretionary objectives set for 2017. In the framework of this study Elia developed an offline proof of concept (PoC).

The results of the PoC and the conclusions of the study were communicated to CREG by the end of 2017. Based on the aforementioned study and PoC from 2017, CREG decided on 28/6/2018 to set a discretionary objective for 2019 on the implementation, by 1/1/2020, of the publication of the real-time volume allocation per DGO to the BRP. As part of this discretionary objective for 2019 it is required to submit, by 31/12/2019, a proposal for improvements of the calculation methodology for the real-time volume allocation per DGO to the BRP as well as the planning for the implementation of these improvements. This submission to CREG is preceded by a public consultation of the market players. Therefore, Elia launches this public consultation to present the improvements to the calculation methodology and collect feedback from market participants.

Consultation documents are available on Elia website.

The consultation period will extend from 8 June 2019 to 8 July 2019 at 18h