Public consultation on the review of the black start ancillary service

Between November 2017 and August 2018, Elia has performed an in-depth study of the black start service for the Belgian electricity system, based on simulation studies, information received from producers, a comparison with other European countries and the impact of the new European guidelines.

As output of this study, two documents have been shared for public consultation from October 8th until November 19th:

  • Study on the review of the black start ancillary services (available in English here)

    The study analyzed the technical capabilities of production units in Belgium (thermal and intermittent) for black start and houseload operation, the market models used in other European countries to procure the black start service, and the determination of needs for black start services in Belgium in order to achieve the objectives of the restoration plan.

    Note that ELIA used confidential information as input in this study, which is not published in the public version of the report.

  • Design note on restoration services (available in English here)

    ELIA currently has a contract for the black start ancillary service, more broadly defined as “restoration service” in the Network Code on Electricity Emergency & Restoration. Based on the above-mentioned analyses ELIA has reviewed the design of the service. The proposal for the new design is published in this design note and will serve as a basis for future versions of the Terms & Conditions to act as a Restoration Service Provider on a contractual basis.

The objective of this consultation was to receive input from stakeholders on the review study and on the new design proposal. Stakeholders have been asked to provide their remarks, concerns, and suggestions via the online form on the ELIA website.

ELIA received the following consultation responses from two parties:

ELIA summarized and responded to the received reactions in a consultation report (available here) and modified the study report and design note accordingly.

The new, non-confidential version of these documents can be found here:

ELIA submitted these documents (including confidential information) to the CREG on 20 December 2018.