Daily capacity

This page contains the day-ahead capacity forecasts for energy exchanges between Belgium and the countries with which Belgium is interconnected.

Daily capacity forecasts and allocations

General principles

With the exception of the border between Belgium and Great Britain, daily capacity is allocated via CWE market coupling (flow-based mechanism). Operational data on this allocation method are available on the Joint Allocation Office’s website (JAO).

In the event that market coupling is unavailable, daily capacity is offered at explicit auctions. Visit Cross-border mechanisms for more information on current mechanisms.

Border between Belgium and Great Britain

The HVDC interconnection between Belgium and Great Britain (NEMOLink cable) is not part of the CWE Flow Based region. The allocation of daily capacities is based on an implicit allocation mechanism.

From Belgium to Great Britain
From Great Britain to Belgium

These NTC Day-Ahead values are values calculated at the limit of the ELIA control area, on the Belgian side of the Nemo Link HVDC cable. They may therefore differ from values published on the ENTSOE Transparency platform (https://transparency.entsoe.eu/transmission-domain/ntcDay/show), which are "Mid-sea" values