Outage scheduling

Elia periodically sends updates to contractors and to companies directly connected to the grid to inform them of scheduled outages.

Elia sends out periodic reports about scheduled deactivations or “outages” of grid components (for maintenance work, for example) to companies directly connected to the Elia grid and to contractors who carry out work at its facilities. Reports are only sent to companies directly affected by the outage of a grid component.


The reports contain information about outage periods, the outage mode, the restitution time for the grid component, information on the safety officer and/or the works manager(s), the type of work planned, and so on.

The first section of the report provides the most up-to-date information, while the second section highlights any changes made to the previous version (the changes are highlighted in the text itself).

Companies receive the initial provisional schedule five weeks prior to the outage. If the schedule changes, an amended provisional schedule is sent out once a week. Changes to the previous version are highlighted.

The final schedule is sent out one week prior to the outage of the grid components. This schedule may, in principle, be updated with the latest available information every day. If necessary, the original version remains valid.

Example of an outage report for grid users

Example of an outage report for contractors


Key to symbols and abbreviations

In our reports, we use the following symbols and abbreviations for the various outage modes:




Voltage still present


Circuit breaker open


For information


Automatic reclosure out of service


Isolated and earthed


Work on live equipment

You can also find details about daytime and nighttime restitution times (the minimum time needed to restore a component) for all grid components:

RTD: restitution time during the day
RTN: restitution time at night
NT: non-restorable


Contact persons at Elia

To ask questions concerning the format or content of the reports, to notify us of changes to contact details or to receive our reports in a different format (e.g. pdf), simply send an e-mail to the Elia employee who sent the reports.