Weekly capacity

This page contains the weekly capacity forecasts for energy exchanges between Belgium and France and between Belgium and Netherlands.

Weekly capacity forecasts

From Netherlands to Belgium
DayOff-peak valuesPeak values*
Saturday 13/10/2018950950
Sunday 14/10/2018950950
Monday 15/10/2018950950
Tuesday 16/10/2018950950
Wednesday 17/10/2018950950
Thursday 18/10/2018950950
Friday 19/10/2018950950
From Belgium to Netherlands
DayOff-peak valuesPeak values*
Saturday 13/10/201813001300
Sunday 14/10/201813001300
Monday 15/10/201813001300
Tuesday 16/10/201813001300
Wednesday 17/10/201813001300
Thursday 18/10/201813001300
Friday 19/10/201813001300
From France to Belgium
DayOff-peak valuesPeak values*
Saturday 13/10/201820002000
Sunday 14/10/201820002000
Monday 15/10/201820002000
Tuesday 16/10/201820002000
Wednesday 17/10/201820002000
Thursday 18/10/201820002000
Friday 19/10/201820002000
From Belgium to France
DayOff-peak valuesPeak values*
Saturday 13/10/2018650650
Sunday 14/10/2018650650
Monday 15/10/2018650650
Tuesday 16/10/2018650650
Wednesday 17/10/2018650650
Thursday 18/10/2018650650
Friday 19/10/2018650650

Net Transfer Capacity (NTC)

The Net Transfer Capacity (NTC) is the transfer capacity forecast agreed between Elia and its neighbouring transmission system operators (TSOs) for imports and exports across Belgium’s borders. The values listed in the table above are calculated on the basis of the best forecasts from the previous week.

Visit Transmission capacity at borders for more information on the calculation method.

Peak values (*)

Peak values are reached during peak time, i.e. when consumption is at its highest. Peak time is between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.

Unavailable or low values

Values marked with (**) are either unavailable or too low to be included in the table.

Capacity Calculation methodologies differ between time horizons

The long term (Year, Month & Week) capacity calculation is based on an NTC methodology while the daily capacity calculation process is based on the Flow-Based methodology. Forecast capacity for import and export in Elia’s control area will be influenced from both time horizons and methodologies.

More information on the calculation methods is available here “methodology”.