Access contract

Once the access request has been submitted, the applicant will receive an access contract setting out the rights and obligations regarding use of the Elia grid.

The contract applies to all access points for which the access holder has been granted access and which are recorded in the register of access points. The contract will only come into force once a bank guarantee has been deposited.

Present access contract (applicable in accordance with the contractual and legal provisions in force, CREG decision from 22 June 2016 (CREG decision no. (B)160622-CDC-1538)

Previous versions of the access contract:

  • version of 03 december 2015 (CREG decision no. (B)151203-CDC-1488) (PDF).
  • version of 24 October 2013 (modifications approved by CREG decision no. (B) 131024-CDC-1290 of 24 October 2013) (PDF);
  • version of 28 March 2013 (modifications approved by CREG decision no. (B)130328-CDC-1241 of 28 March 2013) (currently only available in French and Dutch) (PDF);
  • version of 20 December 2012 (modifications approved by CREG decision no. (B)121220-CDC-1217 of 20 december 2012) (currently only available in French and Dutch) (PDF);
  • version of 1 January 2012 (modifications approved by CREG decisions of 25 October 2007, 19 December 2007 and 12 January 2012. CREG decision no. (B)120112-CDC-1136) (PDF);
  • version of 1 March 2008 (CREG decision no. (B)071025-CDC-724, complemented by decision no. (B)071219-CDC-738 of 19 December 2007) (PDF);
  • version of 26 October 2006 (CREG decision no. (B) 061226-CDC-573) (PDF);
  • version of 1 December 2005 (CREG decision no. (B) 011224-CDC-495) (PDF);
  • version of 20 November 2003 (CREG decision no. (B) 031120-CDC-228-1) (PDF).

Adding access points

The access holder may ask Elia to add access points to its access contract.

The application process is as follows:

  • the access holder submits the form provided for this purpose (Appendix 2 to the access contract) by e-mail to Elia's Customer Support & Services Department;
  • the application must reach Elia one month before access is to be activated for the respective access point;
  • upon receipt of the application, Elia informs the current access holder of this change, meaning the access holder whose access contract currently includes the access points in question;
  • if the application is approved, Elia modifies the register of access points accordingly;
  • the new access holder receives confirmation of this within 15 working days of Elia receiving the application.


Changing ARP or supplier

Any change to the designated Access Responsible Party (ARP) or supplier must be reported to Elia.

The procedure for making this change is as follows:

  • the access holder uses the form provided for this purpose (Appendix 3, 3bis(a)3bis(b) or 3ter to the access contract) and indicates the date on which the change will take effect;
  • notice of the change must reach Elia’s Customer Support & Services Department at least five working days before the change is due to take effect.


More than one supplier and ARP per access point

Grid users connected at voltages of 150 kV or higher may have more than one ARP and supplier per access point.

The terms and conditions for injection points are set out in Appendix 9 to the access contract.


Closed distribution system

For more details, see the product sheet entitled The closed distribution system connected to the Elia grid: specific operational processes associated with access (A8)

The notion of a closed distribution system comes from Article 28 of Directive 2009/72/EC. It is a private, geographically confined system, situated downstream of an Elia grid user's connection, which supplies other users. It must be certified by the relevant regulator as a closed distribution system. There are two possible scenarios:

  • the operations or the production process of the users of that system are integrated;
  • electricity is distributed primarily to the operator of the closed distribution system or its related undertakings.

Industrial entities situated in the closed distribution system are entitled to choose their own energy supplier and Access Responsible Party (ARP) independently of those of the Elia grid user.

When an Elia grid user acquires the status of a closed distribution system operator, a number of specific tasks must be performed so that users situated in its closed distribution system can actually exercise their free choice of supplier and ARP: metering, allocation of energy, managing the register of access to the closed distribution system, communicating data to market players, etc. Several of these tasks require collaboration between Elia and the closed distribution system operator.

The practicalities of the collaboration between the closed distribution system operator and Elia are detailed in three appendices to the access contract: Appendices 14, 14bis and 14ter.

Appendix 14 sets out the rules applying between Elia and the operator of the closed distribution system connected to the Elia grid.

Appendix 14bis appoints the ARP responsible for monitoring unallocated energy in the closed distribution system connected to the Elia grid.

Appendix 14ter informs Elia about a generation unit subject to a CIPU (Contract for the Injection of Production Units) which is situated in the closed distribution system, whose energy is shared between several ARPs, but only one ARP makes the injection nomination for the unit.