Certificates for operator

What is an operator?

Anyone working in Elia infrastructures must know enough about the risks posed by the tasks to be performed and the working environment to enable them to interpret the safety measures put in place. Operator certificates are issued as confirmation that an operator is familiar with the risks posed by working in Elia infrastructures.

An operator is a person working under the supervision of a work leader.

Which certificates are available?

There are three different certificates for operator, based on the type of infrastructure the operator will be working on:

  • GSIS for work in substations;
  • GSIC for work on and near cables;
  • GSIL for work on overhead power lines.

NB: If cable works are to be performed in a substation, the operator performing them must hold both GSIS and GSIC certification.

Practical details

The conditions to receive an operator certificate are:

  • pass the test;
  • submit a BA4/BA5 competency certificate.

There are two ways to prepare for the test:

  • study the instructions yourself or go on a training course organised by your company, then take the test at Elia’s premises;
  • attend a half-day training course at Elia’s premises and take the test the same day.

Please note that Elia will not issue a certificate if the contractor has not submitted a copy of the BA4 or BA5 competency certificate to Elia. To find out how to register for the training course, watch the video « Pour les exécutants » (see below).

If you would like more information about the BA4/BA5 competency certificate, go to FPS Employment’s website.

All certificates delivered by Elia are valid for two years. The certificate holder or their line management is responsible for taking the necessary measures to renew the certificate before it expires.

The training courses are available in French or Dutch. The tests are available in nine languages: French, Dutch, English, German, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, Bulgarian and Romanian.


Tests at Elia’s premises are free of charge. Training courses at Elia’s premises cost €150 per person.

Elia can provide training at the contractor’s own premises (for at least 30 people). This costs €3,000 (fixed price). Tests can be organised at the contractor’s premises (for at least 30 people). This costs €1,500 (fixed price).

Support with studying for the tests

Training materials are available in French and Dutch.

Links to the instructions you need to know to pass the tests are provided below.

The presentations below provide basic information about the content of the instructions:

Contact and FAQ

If you have any other questions, please check the FAQ or contact the Safety Support Department.