Study on separate procurement of FCR and aFRR products

In 2018, Elia performed a study regarding the “separate procurement of FCR and aFRR products”. The scope of this study was to identify the conditions and consequences for a separate procurement of FCR/aFRR and a purely asymmetric procurement of aFRR upward/downward.

Elia has collected the input of stakeholders via an ad-hoc workshop (9/5/2018) and a public consultation (20/4/2018-22/5/2018) in order to produce the final report. The study concludes with presenting the target solution and proposing a set of possible intermediary steps to arrive to it. The target solution is a completely separate procurement of FCR, aFRR upward and aFRR downward products. As a next step, an implementation roadmap has been created strongly linked with the expected adaptations in the aFRR market.