Task Force iCAROS

President: Bob Hebb

Secretary: Sofie Van den waeyenberg

The coordination of assets and related information exchange forms a cornerstone for dispatching operations, enabling Elia to:

  • avoid congestions on the grid
  • ensure the availability of ancillary services
  • monitor the availability of production to satisfy demand 

with the aim of providing a secure grid.

This coordination is currently managed in the CIPU contract (Coordination of Injection of Power Units). For more information about the CIPU contract: please see the product sheet in the Products & Services section.                  

The entry into force of the European guidelines requires the development of a new framework for the coordination of assets. Therefore Elia has launched the iCAROS Project (Integrated Coordination of Assets for Redispatching and Operational Security) with as objective to develop a new EU Network Code compliant approach for the coordination of assets for system operations & market procedures.

A dedicated Task Force on the subject will be organized aiming to discuss with the relevant stakeholders the important topics regarding the future coordination procedures, serving as input for a design note (incl. translation of principles to articles for the future Federal Grid Code ), which will be presented for consultation early 2018.

As the Task Force meetings take place, information and documentation on the meeting organization, content, and reports will be added to the ‘Agenda’ webpage.