Site report – connection

Work on building the ALEGrO link began in the municipality of Raeren on the German border on 15 January 2018, but has now moved on to other areas, namely Soumagne and Herve.

"Now that we've finished our work in the municipality of Blegny, all lanes of the E40 motorway are once again available at exit 36", explains Site Manager Bart Mampaey. "In Soumagne and Herve we'll be working at some major road junctions, hence the importance of implementing clear mobility plans drawn up together with the local authorities. With this in mind, we're coordinating the work done on site for the ALEGrO and Rabosée-Battice projects, to reduce its impact on local residents", he continues.

Directional drilling will be used regularly, to avoid completely blocking all traffic. One example of this is near the exchanger at Battice, where extensive drilling is scheduled to take place at the end of August.

"To comply with the site's strict schedule, the teams involved worked non-stop, even over the summer, when the sector usually takes a holiday", the site manager concludes.

You can also monitor the progress of the project on our dynamic map.