Upgrading the underground cable connection at the Lakeland industrial estate and replacing the Venecolaan substation with a new 36 kV substation.

Guaranteeing security of supply in Aalter, Knesselare and Wingene

The Elia project in Aalter aims to modernise the high-voltage grid at the Lakeland industrial estate and increase its capacity to ensure security of supply for homes and businesses in Aalter, Knesselare and Wingenen in the future. Elia’s project will also give local businesses in the industrial estate more opportunities to expand.


  • texteIn the interest of society

    Elia is upgrading the current underground cables in the Lakeland industrial estate and building a new 36 kV substation on Léon Bekaertlaan to replace the substation on Venecolaan.

    • Security of supply in the Aalter area
      The Lakeland industrial estate and Aalter must always be supplied with the power they need. Modernising the high-voltage grid and expanding its capacity will guarantee security of supply for homes and local businesses in Aalter, Knesselare and Wingene in the years to come.
    • Opportunities for local businesses to expand
      The Aalter project will also give local businesses in the industrial estate more opportunities to expand, thanks to both the planned increase in grid capacity and the space created by moving the high-voltage substation to Léon Bekaertlaan, where Elia has its own site for a new substation.
  • texteThe route

    Elia will carry out two tasks at the Lakeland industrial estate:

    • Moving the substation from Venecolaan to Léon Bekaertlaan
      The Aalter project involves replacing the current substation on Venecolaan with a new 36 kV substation on Léon Bekaertlaan. Not only does this substation supply the surrounding industrial estates and residential areas with electricity, the distribution system for Aalter, Knesselare and Wingene is also connected to it. Elia will demolish the Venecolaan substation at the end of the project.
    • Upgrading the current underground cable connections
      Elia will also carry out cable work on the Lakeland industrial estate, the aim being to link the distribution system and the businesses connected directly to the Elia grid to the new substation on Léon Bekaertlaan. A substantial share of the cabling on the industrial estate can be retained, making for less disruption and lower investment costs. Old sections of line will be replaced by new cables with a higher transmission capacity, then linked to the existing connections. Furthermore, two new 36 kV cables will be laid between the new substation in Léon Bekaertlaan and Ter Lake.

    The map below shows where the cable work will be carried out:

    • the locations where old parts will be replaced and connected to existing cables (installing junction boxes where two cable sections are to be connected);
    • the route where the new cables will be laid between Léon Bekaertlaan and Ter Lake.

  • environnementEnvironment

    Elia is taking a number of measures to minimise the work’s impact on local residents:

    • Where possible, Elia is using the existing cables to limit the impact of the cable work.
    • Work is only being carried out during the day, so no depots or sites are lit up at night.
    • After work is completed, the land is always restored to its original state on the basis of a survey.
    • Elia will agree specific access routes with the municipal authorities and the local police with a view to spreading out and limiting site traffic.
    • Elia guarantees that local residents will always be able to access their homes.
    • If local residents are set to experience a temporary increase in disruption for a specific reason, Elia or its subcontractor will always send out individual letters to those affected to notify them.
    • If normal traffic has to be diverted, the diversions will be agreed with the road authority (Aalter local council or the Flemish Region) and clearly communicated to local residents.
    • Elia is keeping local residents and businesses informed of the project schedule and upcoming project phases by sending out emails and posting the latest information on its website. You can subscribe to the mailing list by sending an email to omwonenden@elia.be.
    • Elia is providing businesses in the Lakeland industrial estate with an information pack to assist them with their communications. They can distribute the information about the phases of the project, disruption, access, communication channels and diversions to their customers, suppliers and employees.
  • Schedule
    • Second half of 2017 – first half of 2018: Applications submitted for the permits required for the cable work and the high-voltage substation on Léon Bekaertlaan (environmental permit).
    • Mid-2018 – mid-2020: Construction of high-voltage substation on Léon Bekaertlaan.
    • First half of 2019 – first half of 2020: Cable work on Lakeland industrial estate.
    • Second half of 2020: Demolition of the Venecolaan high-voltage substation and commissioning of new substation on Léon Bekaertlaan.
  • docDocuments


16 December 2020

Update on work on Léon Bekaertlaan and Venecolaan

Elia will complete the cable work on Léon Bekaertlaan by the end of 2020. As a result, the diversion via Venecolaan, Zuidleiestraat and Durmelaan will no longer be in place from 2021. In 2021, Elia will interconnect the various cables at four sites. Traffic will have to follow local diversions at these locations. Work will come to an end in April 2021.

01 January 2019

Laying of fibre-optic cables in Venecolaan in Aalter to start in synergy with Proximus

In December 2018, Elia submitted an application to the Town of Aalter for planning permission to lay fibre-optic cables in Venecolaan.

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