Start of preparatory work for the construction of the new high-voltage substation on Léon Bekaertlaan

In early September, Elia started preparatory work on the construction of the new high-voltage substation on Léon Bekaertlaan. Specifically, this means that the contractor will install the site facilities and set up storage areas.

Work on construction of new high-voltage substation to begin in early October

In early October, Elia will begin the actual construction of the high-voltage substation. As mentioned previously, the cable work in the Lakeland industrial estate is due to start in the first half of 2019. The exact timeframe has not yet been announced.

The new high-voltage substation and the cable work will mean a modernised high-voltage grid in the Lakeland industrial estate, plus greater capacity. This will ensure security of supply for homes and local businesses in Aalter, Knesselare and Wingene in the future.


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