Financial position

The Group’s objective is to maintain a balance between continuity of funding and flexibility through the use of bank loans, confirmed and unconfirmed credit facilities, commercial paper program, etc.

Financial Debt

For medium- to long-term funding, the Group uses bonds. The maturity profile of the debt portfolio is spread over several years. The Group Treasury frequently assesses its funding resources taking into account its own credit rating and general market conditions.

Credit rating

Standard & Poors
Long term rating : BBB+
Outlook : Stable
Last update : 30/10/2020
Short term rating : A-2


Elia Eurobonds

The tables below detail all Elia Eurobond issues.

Start date Amount  Tenor Coupon ISIN Bound
 26 May 2020  € 66.6 million  7.67 y  1.56 %  BE 6322084128
 26 May 2020  € 133.4 million  23.67 y  1.56 %  BE 6322086149
 28 April 2020  € 800 million  10 y  0.875 %  BE 6321529396
 14 January 2019  € 500 million  7 y  1.375 %  BE 0002629104
 7 April 2017  € 250 million   10 y   1.375 %  BE 0002276450 
 27 November 2015  € 500 million   8.5 y   1.375 %   BE0002239086
 7 April 2014  € 350 million   15 y  3.00 %   BE 0002466416
 4 April 2013  € 550 million  15 y   3.25 %  BE 0002432079 
 4 April 2013  € 200 million   20 y   3.50 %   BE 0002433085


Official payment agencies


Havenlaan 2

1080 Brussels, Belgium

ING Luxembourg SA
Route d’Esch 52,
L-2965 Luxembourg
Royal Bank of Canada Europe Limited
71 Queen Victoria Street,
London EC4V 4DE, UK

Capital Increases

The Group is using equity funding for long-term funding. It is the Group’s objective to keep a healthy balance between debt and equity funding.

EMTN Programme

With a view to repaying loans that will mature in the months and years ahead and financing its investment programmes, Elia has decided to launch a financial programme called the Euro Medium Term Note (EMTN) programme. 



These Eurobonds are listed on the Euronext Brussels Stock Exchange. Clearing takes place via the X/N system.


Documents related to the General Meetings of Noteholders

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