10 May 2019

Public Consultation contingency long term allocation and nomination rules for the BE-GB border to apply if GB leaves the internal energy market

Elia and Nemo Link Ltd launch a public consultation on a proposal for contingency long term allocation and nomination rules that would apply on the GB-Belgium border in the case that Great Britain leaves the European Internal Energy Market following Brexit.

In application of its obligations as an Interconnector license holder in GB, Nemo Link Ltd also separately consults on additional documents.
For the sake of clarity, this set of rules will not apply in case GB remains within the internal energy market, in which case long-term capacity on the BE-GB border will be allocated in accordance with the principles and methodologies defined under the FCA guideline.
The consultation is open from 9th of May to 14th of June 2019.
The documents consulted on, and the relevant background information, can be found on the website of Nemo Link Ltd.
All questions and responses to the public consultation should be addressed to the single point of contact for Elia and Nemo Link Ltd at customer.service@nemolink.co.uk
Marleen Vanhecke
Head of Communication & Reputation Elia Group
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