1. Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting (06/12/2012)

2. WG System Operation

a) Feedback from WG 27/02/2013
b) Winter Review 2012-2013
c) ENTSO-E Network Codes

a. NC LFC&R (Load Frequency Control & Reserves)
b. NC OPS (Operational Planning & Scheduling)

d) Presentation “Solar forecasting”

3. TF Balancing
Feedback from meetings 11/01/2013 & 01/03/2013


a) Feedback from WG 15/03/2013
b) Project CWE flow-based market coupling – status and first results parallel run

5. WG Belgian Grid 
Feedback from WG 11/03/2013

6. Any other business

a) Information on tariffs process
b) Results Customer Survey 2012
c) Social media & Users’ Group