Users' group

Elia maintains an ongoing dialogue with its customers and partners via a discussion group comprising grid user representatives.


The Users' Group is made up of representatives from:

  • employers' organisations;
  • major consumers;    
  • traders;
  • power exchanges;
  • generators;
  • suppliers;
  • DSOs;
  • FPS Economy, SMEs, Self-employed and Energy.

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The Users’ Group was established on 7 May 2002, pursuant to Article 405 of the Grid Code, which requires Elia to organise an ongoing dialogue with the various categories of grid users, access responsible parties (ARPs) and distribution system operators (DSOs) that operate on the Belgian electricity market and are involved in specific issues related to the introduction of the Code.

This Group enables Elia to distribute information to market players and to consult them on various specific issues relating to the operation of the electricity market. The Users’ Group relays its positions on projects and specific problems to the relevant minister, or undertakes other initiatives.


The Users’ Group sets up specific working groups in which the market players concerned are invited to participate. The idea is that the working groups' observations and recommendations will be passed on to the relevant minister (or ministers) and/or regulators.

Three permanent working groups are currently active:

Ad hoc working groups are also set up to handle specific issues when necessary.