2013 Projects

recreas watersport 

Planche à voile en duo
(Recreas Watersport)

Whizzing through the water on a surfboard with the wind in your hair: this quasi-mythical experience of freedom and pleasure will soon become a reality for people with reduced mobility. Thanks to the tandem windsurfing project run by Recreas Watersport, they will be able to learn to surf sitting on a surfboard, under the supervision of an experienced trainer, discovering the intoxicating joy of speed and open space in a spirit of shared sensation.



Voelboek : ruimtebeleving op multisensoriele wijze
(Dienst Cultuurparticipatie van de Stad Gent)

Helping people with a visual impairment to experiment with the multidimensional and multisensory space of the city and discover urban architecture: this is the challenge which the city of Ghent’s Cultural Participation Department (Dienst Cultuurparticipatie) has set for itself. It aims to achieve it by means of a tactile, multisensory book, with accompanying CD, which is suitable for everyone from children to the elderly, as well as people with no visual impairment. Using innovative methods, the project opens up a new field of multisensory experimentation with architecture and new paths of inspiration in learning about the culture and experiences offered by the city.

De RegenboOg 

Maatwerk in de vrije tijd via e-labeling
(de Regenboog vzw)

From dance days, Halloween parties, a film club and adapted riding to discussion groups, non-profit association De RegenbOog pulls out all the stops to offer people with reduced mobility a varied and extensive range of recreational activities, in partnership with other associations. Its “Doeda” website has become a benchmark in this field. The association rates activities according to type and accessibility and wants people to be able to sign up for the activities on-line. The new application which the project will help to launch will offer an improved service tailored to the specific needs of people with reduced mobility, their assistants and networks.



“Monstres!” La différence sur les planches
(ASBL Compagnie du Singe Nu)

This theatre project takes its inspiration from the silent-film conventions of German Expressionism, including pantomime, intertitles and live music. It tells the story of Kaspar, a deformed, wild creature who is unable to speak. When a circus manager on the verge of bankruptcy plans to exhibit Kaspar in his fair, the humans that Kaspar encounters often turn out to be more ‘monstrous’ than him. The show explores themes of normalness and difference, and will be performed by a mixed cast comprising one deaf and three hearing actors. There will also be audio-description for the visually impaired.



Kunstproeven+, een kunstenfestival dat anders zijn overbrugt
(Sjarabang vzw)

“Sjarabang” is Mechelen dialect for the French term “char à banc” (or “charabanc” in English), a benched vehicle ideal for transporting actors. It is therefore the perfect name for an association which aims to encourage active and passive participation in art and culture, mainly by people with a mental impairment. Kunstproeven+ is an extension of the “Kunstproeven” project, a two-day arts festival aimed at people with and without disabilities. The project also features an educational programme and sculpture project called “Vreemde vogels vliegen ook” (“Funny birds fly too”).



Cyclopolitain destiné aux personnes à mobilité limitée
(Association des habitants de Louvain-la-Neuve)

The Louvain-la-Neuve residents’ association brings together the city’s inhabitants and other stakeholders, including official bodies, the university, students and local associations. Its “cyclopolitain” project involves somebody, preferably a student – students and bikes have always gone together in Louvain-la-Neuve – pedalling two people with reduced mobility (pensioners, care home residents, disabled people, etc.) around the streets of the city centre and its pedestrian areas in an inspiring spirit of intergenerational solidarity.


All Inclusive!
(Karavaan vzw)

(Avontuurlijk en duurzaam reizen)
Karavaan organises voyages of adventure and discovery with an emphasis on sustainability. By teaming up with KVG-Vorming (slogan: “An open mind on disability”), the non-profit association aims to open its services to people with a disability by mobilising volunteers and developing a preparatory programme which can be re-run in the future. All-inclusive indeed!



Folon au bout des doigts
(Œuvre Nationale des Aveugles ASBL)

Jean-Michel Folon was an artist and humanist who engaged with all the world’s great causes. He was particularly committed to the cause of minorities and the defence of human rights, which he championed through his dreamlike and poetical works. Making his creations accessible to blind and visually-impaired people is the aim of a project run by the non-profit association Œuvre Nationale des Aveugles, which will develop a special tour through the Folon museum and offer group visits led by trained guides who are also visually impaired.


Het Huis van Alijn 

Drempels weg voor bezoekers met auditieve beperking
(Het Huis van Alijn vzw)

The House of Alijn in Ghent is an unusual museum devoted to the culture of everyday life. Keen to engage fully with its visitors, it wants to make its exhibition rooms and website accessible to deaf and hearing-impaired people and to offer them a unique experience.
This commendable initiative follows on from a similar exemplary project for the visually impaired.



Ensemble autour des légumes oubliés
(Anama ASBL)

The non-profit association Anama was initially set up to combat loneliness among older people. It organises a wide and diverse range of activities, including this original project with the residents of the Valère Delcroix care home in Tournai. The project aims to enhance the quality of life, fulfilment and independence of the home’s mentally-disabled residents by creating a vegetable garden where they will grow heirloom vegetables to worth rediscovering.


AMT Concept 

Libercity : personnes à mobilité réduite, des touristes comme les autres
(AMT Concept)

AMT Concept is a non-profit association whose main objective is to improve the accessibility of public spaces, public transport and buildings to enable people with reduced mobility – the disabled, elderly, pregnant women, women with pushchairs, etc. – to move around freely and independently. The concept is being expanded to tourism with a range of cultural and recreational activities promoted in the Brussels For All guide. As part of the project, students are given a chance to experience life as a disabled person, so that they can contribute to the disability-friendly guide.



Accrobranche à la portée des moins mobiles

Accrobranche is an outdoor forest-based activity which involves climbing and moving about in trees in complete safety. Non-profit association Escal’Adventure aims to make these adrenalin-packed activities accessible to people with mental disabilities or reduced mobility, with all the appropriate safeguards and support. The activity will take place near Frasnes-lez-Couvin in the south of the Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse region, where the landscape is perfectly suited to this kind of pursuit.



Spelotheek voor kinderen met een ernstige beperking
(Inclusiespeelpleinwerking ’t Gansspel)

’t Gansspel is an inclusive playgroup located in the municipality of Huldenberg, near Leuven. It is open to all children over the age of three, including those with serious disabilities. The group would like to acquire a range of objects and games allowing the staff and children to interact more easily with severely disabled children during play times. It would also like to create a “snoezel”, a space that promotes multisensory stimulation in secure surroundings, with the help of a select group of children.


Le Club « Tous à bord »
(Génération nouvelle ASBL)

Devised and run by young people with a physical disability, the “Tous à bord” (“All aboard”) club aims to raise awareness among and engage with other teenagers. It creates opportunities for young people to meet and share exciting sports-based experiences as a way to promote mutual understanding and appreciation. The concept is to be expanded to adults.


Fiches touristiques et de loisirs pour les personnes handicapées

ANLH stands for Association Nationale pour le Logement des Handicapés (National Housing Association for the Disabled). It is run by people who believe that the environment has to adapt to the disability and not the other way around. Its watchwords are integration, inclusion, accessibility and autonomy. With the support of the Elia Fund, it will produce an additional 50 information sheets helping disabled people to identify tourist sites that are accessible to them and to plan their city trip in the same hassle-free way as you and I.



Fietsen doorheen je verleden
(Woonzorgcentrum Witte Meren)

It’s a simple idea: older people get on a home trainer or exercise bike and wend their way along a familiar route of their choice, thanks to 360° images displayed on a big screen. It is a stimulating experience both physically and emotionally, and also promotes a feeling of freedom and helps rekindle old memories. The Witte Meren centre in Mol received an I2C (Innovation to Care) award at the 2012 health & care trade fair. With support from the Elia Fund, it will be able to take this simple yet innovative project to the next level.


Plain Pied


(ASBL Plain-Pied)

Audio-description is simply an oral description of an event allowing a visually-impaired person to experience the same sensations and receive the same information as everyone else. Its objective is to help visually-impaired people feel included in an event where sighted people are also present.
Plain-pied literally means “on the same level”, but also “accessible” in the figurative sense of “easy to understand”. It is therefore a worthy name for this non-profit association, which has been selected for a second time by the Elia Fund jury until it can find a source of structural support to enable it to carry on with its project.



Inrichting en promotie van een beweegtuin voor ouderen
(OCMW Hoogstraten)

Hoogstraten is one of the biggest municipalities in the province of Antwerp, with over 20,000 residents. Its Public Social Welfare Centre (OCMW) is hoping to combine physical exercise with mental stimulation by building a “beweegtuin” (literally an “exercise garden” but also a place where people can meet and chat) in the centre of the municipality. It will be located near a residential home for the elderly and accessible to a large number of people, providing opportunities for physical exercise and social interaction for older people.

De JoJo 

Snoezelen als rustmoment op kamp voor jongeren met een verstandelijke beperking
(De JoJo – KVG Deinze)

De Jojo is a youth group aimed at young people with mental disabilities. Among other things, it organises summer camps for these young people, in partnership with KVG Deinze. To enable the most severely disabled young people to participate actively in the camps, De Jojo intends to introduce “snoezelen” sessions, i.e. multisensory stimulation in a safe and peaceful setting.

 Theater 12

Les personnes avec un handicap ont du talent : théâtre amateur inclusif et innovateur
(Theater 12)

Theater 12 is an amateur theatre group based in Ghent with disabled and non-disabled actors which puts on high-quality productions that are accessible to as wide an audience as possible. It assists its actors with workshops and special support provided by a semi-professional production team, to help them show off their talent to the full.


TOUS en mouvement
(Vrijetijdsdienst Gooik)

The Gooik Recreation Department aims to get kids aged 0 to 99 moving more by offering active leisure and relaxation activities suitable for all – young families, grandparents, less mobile people, etc. – in a social setting.