Elia signs memorandum of understanding with farmers’ organisations in Belgium


ProtocolElia, the operator of Belgium’s high-voltage grid, signed on 5 September a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Boerenbond, Algemeen Boeren Syndicaat and Fédération Wallonne de l’Agriculture on the installation and maintenance of high-voltage facilities on agricultural land.

The new agreement between Elia and the farmers’ organisations covers two major areas:

  • negotiations on and compensation for the installation of new above-ground and underground high-voltage facilities;
  • negotiations on and compensation for damage caused by the installation of new facilities or the maintenance of existing facilities.

In cooperation with the organisations, a transparent negotiating framework and fair compensation rules have been developed with a view to maintaining mutual understanding between Elia and farmers. These rules cover both settlement and compensation in connection with the permanent use of farmland as well as settlement and compensation for damage caused by temporary works.

The signing of the MoU should contribute to the successful implementation of the many new grid upgrades that often pass through farmland. These projects dovetail with the ongoing development of the high-voltage grid, supporting regional, federal and European energy policy.