Elia responds to articles in L’Echo and De Tijd


Elia System Operator would like to respond to various statements levelled at it in connection with the management of its consultancy contracts and the development of its international business activities.

Daniel Dobbeni resigned his position as CEO of Elia on 30 June 2012. It was his personal choice to halt his operational activities. Elia’s Board of Directors asked him to let the company continue benefitting from his acknowledged international expertise. Within that context, Daniel Dobbeni agreed to work on behalf of Elia to promote specific consultancy missions abroad and to represent the Elia Group on the management bodies of Coreso, ENTSO-E, Eurogrid International, EPEX, APX, AWC and 50Hertz. His contract has a term of three years, enabling a smooth transition and the deployment of competent individuals who can continue to promote the development expected by the company. The total cost of services billed to Elia for the first year is €345,600. Some of the services provided by Daniel Dobbeni are remunerated by third parties, accruing in full to Elia. These services and their evaluation are monitored by the company’s decision-making bodies.

The creation of EGI (Elia Group International) is the next stage in our plan to be active internationally. Elia’s Board of Directors unanimously approved the proposal of creation of the company on 29 August 2013.

Elia finds these statements regrettable, which are likely to damage its internationally recognised credibility, and which seek to cast relations between the Management Committee and the Board of Directors in a negative light. The energy challenges facing the system operator are enormous. Elia firmly believes these challenges will only be met thanks to an ambitious vision shared by all of its stakeholders. Day in and day out, Elia and its personnel are determined to perform their duties in a professional fashion.