Jacques Vandermeiren calls for an Energy Pact


Jacques Vandermeiren today presented the Beyond 2020 report at Elia Stakeholders’ Day 2013. The report is based on the three evening debate sessions Elia held in September to discuss the future of the energy industry with experts and stakeholders. Elia sought to join forces with other market players to look further ahead than the immediate future and to pinpoint and examine the challenges facing the energy industry. A total of 50 experts with different backgrounds attended the sessions.

With this document, Elia calls upon all stakeholders - both inside and outside the energy sector - to work together on a joint Energy Pact that will serve as a fertile breeding ground in building a coherent and consistent future for our energy and electricity supply. The aim of the Pact is to reconcile the challenges facing the sector with a greater social interest. Thanks to its neutral role, experience and expertise, Elia has the credibility and determination to be fully engaged as a facilitator in developing the Energy Pact.

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