Exceptional capacity coordination measures will be taken by Elia, RTE and TenneT in case of scarcity during this winter


Elia, TenneT TSO B.V. and Rte have agreed to apply an extraordinary procedure for this winter, and requested an approval and/or endorsement from regulatory authorities, where required. Due to outages of several nuclear production facilities Belgium faces a loss of more than 1/3 of its centralized generation capacity compared to the winter 2013-2014.

The impact for the CWE-region was analysed in several studies. These studies confirm that a situation without wind in the CWE-region and with very high load (representing a cold wave on the region) leads to the highest risk in terms of security and reliability of the electricity supply system. At the request of Elia (the transmission system operator of the Belgian high-voltage electricity grid), the transmission system operators  in the region have jointly prepared a procedure consisting of a set of extraordinary measures to be exceptionally applied in case of adequacy risks detected in Belgium. These measures consist of the coordination of NTC values on several borders within the CWE Region. Maximum flexibility on NTC capacity is needed in order to facilitate transmission to Belgium to the fullest extent possible and at the same time to assure regional grid security. The extraordinary procedure is expected to enter into force subject to regulatory approval and/or endorsement on December 12, meaning effective from delivery date December 14. A more efficient capacity calculation and allocation method, Flow Based Market Coupling, is foreseen to be implemented in the CWE-region in Spring 2015.