Report on 2nd phase of cross-border balancing pilot project


Elia and TenneT have published a report on the results of the second phase of the cross-border balancing pilot project investigating the possibilities for further cooperation between the Dutch and Belgian balancing markets.

In the completed first phase of the project, an overview was compiled of the organisation of the balancing markets and the products used in both countries. During the second phase, Elia and TenneT developed a number of scenarios relating to changes required in their balancing markets to enable the mutual exchange of balancing energy. The difficulties and impact of these changes were also explained in qualitative terms. The preliminary results were presented to stakeholders at a workshop on 13 June.

The final report on this second phase sets out in further detail the different scenarios previously presented at the workshop. The report also contains the feedback we received from stakeholders during a consultation.

The next phase of the project will involve carrying out a cost-benefit analysis of the final market design. The two TSOs will firstly establish the scope and determine the most efficient way of implementing the phase. Based on this, a new schedule will be drawn up.