The LIFE+ Elia project gains European recognition


The LIFE+ Elia project team is currently meeting transmission system operators from 10 countries in order to share its experience with them and promote a more sustainable management of vegetation under high-voltage lines.

“LIFE+ Elia” is a 5-year European project initiated in 2011 with the aim of transforming 130 km of forest corridors into real biodiversity-friendly “ecological corridors”. With the support of the European Commission and the Walloon Region and the participation of Elia's French counterpart RTE, the aim is to manage the vegetation under high-voltage lines in a way that pays more attention to animal and plant species and enhances Elia's reputation as a socially responsible company.

This project is implemented by 7 people working in close collaboration with Elia. And after two years of intense work, it is currently under the international spotlight. The innovative nature of this project is of special interest to electricity transmission system operators in neighbouring European countries.

In addition to France, working partnerships have been established with Portugal and Spain. Meetings have also been organised in Luxembourg, Poland and England. The team will shortly visit Slovenia, Finland, Germany, Switzerland and Ireland. The aim of all these contacts is to encourage the 10 countries in question to initiate actions similar to those carried out in Belgium, but also to enable the team to learn from their counterparts' management techniques. A real ecological network is gradually being put in place in a context of meaningful exchange of know-how.

With this project, Elia has established itself as a pioneer of a new approach to the management of electricity lines, in sync with the current challenges of nature conservation and sustainable development.

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