Elia hosts more than 300 international experts as part of the CIGRE Conference


This evening Elia welcomes more than 300 international experts from both industrial and academic circles a part of the Conference on "Innovation for secure and efficient transmission grids" organised by the CIGRE Belgian National Committee (12-14 March).

Challenges in the energy sector are increasingly pressing and drive industry to devise new tools and develop innovative technologies in response to these urgent needs. The role of the transmission system operator and management of its infrastructure will be determining factors in enabling the energy transition while at the same time sustaining high quality electricity supply for the community at large.

About CIGRE:
CIGRE International (International Council on Large Electric Systems) is a world association based in Paris, founded in 1921, and numbering over 2,500 electricity transmission experts from around the world.
CIGRE Belgium is a non-profit association formed on 8 October 2013 to represent Belgium within CIGRE International and promote Belgian competencies in the field of electricity transmission.