First monthly tender for all primary & secondary reserves held via new auction platform STAR 2.0


On 09/12/2014 the first monthly auction for 83MW of primary reserves (FCR – R1) and for 140MW of secondary reserves (FRR- R2) for the delivery period of January 2015 was held successfully via a newly developed auctioning platform STAR 2.0 “Short-Term Auctioning of Reserves”.

All necessary & required public information regarding this subject is kept up-to-date & published via the STAR-ELIA-website. These publications allow for the necessary transparency towards current & future market participants for the delivery of primary & secondary reserves to Elia. Specifically the following publications, valid for application throughout 2015, can be retrieved:

Since the end of 2013 and during 2014, Elia already procured a limited share (between 20 – 30%) of these volumes via the in-house developed platform STAR 1.0. The principal changes in STAR 2.0 for the new R1-R2 auctions during 2015 can be summarized as follows:

  • 100% of the whole range of all R1/R2 existing products to be procured on a monthly basis for the year 2015, according to Balancing Rules as approved by CREG in May 2014.
  • Cross-border participation of the standard FCR (R1)-product up to 58MW from France during 2015.

In addition to the in-house developed STAR-auction platform and optimization algorithm, Elia also upgraded the general contractual framework, allowing new entrants to the auctions throughout the course of the year 2015 in case a valid candidature & signature of the General Framework Contract are obtained prior to effective participation.

The new STAR 2.0 – Auctioning Tool, Rules & General Contractual Framework allow for a more cost-efficient, short-term monthly procurement of the full range of the necessary primary & secondary reserves needs for Elia by creating a level playing field for all market participants & existing R1/R2-products.