All you need to know about Elia’s Life+ project


The European Life+ project is all about the challenge of reconciling electricity transmission and biodiversity. Visit the dedicated page on our website to learn more.

Elia’s LIFE+ project is a five-year European project co-funded by the European Commission and pursued by Elia in partnership with the Walloon Region, RTE and the non-profit associations Carah and Solon. The aim of the project is to transform more than 150 km of forest corridors located under high-voltage lines into ‘eco-corridors’. More specifically, instead of running a rotary cutter through these zones every 5 to 8 years, Elia is establishing more stable natural environments underneath overhead lines (such as peatlands, forest edge shrubs, grazed pasture land, etc.) which will be easier and less costly to maintain, and clearly more favourable for biodiversity.
This unique project is revolutionising how we look at managing high-voltage infrastructure, and is already attracting a lot of interest from other European transmission system operators.
For more information, see our dedicated page in the Safety & Environment section of our website.