Elia backs the joint appeal to policymakers for an Energy Pact for Belgium


Representatives of consumer and environmental organisations, of the energy sector and industry, plus scientific experts, are all backing a joint initiative calling for the drafting of an Energy Pact for Belgium.

Energy and electricity are prerequisites for modern living. Yet while electricity was once a basic product whose availability was self-evident, today its long-term provision constitutes a challenge. Maintaining security of supply, competitiveness and sustainability, whilst keeping energy prices affordable faces the actors involved with some major difficulties. However, all the stakeholders agree that the only way of rising to the challenge is by adopting a coherent medium-term and long-term policy that enjoys broad support and effectively balances economic, environmental and social considerations.

Prompted by this universal consensus, an independent Steering Committee comprising experts in the domain initiated and implemented an approach that set out the procedure and determined the content of such a policy. Elia facilitated the process by gathering a representative group of actors around the negotiating table. The draft text arising from their deliberations is entitled "Building Blocks for an Energy Pact for Belgium". Drawn up under the guidance of the Steering Committee, it presents food for thought for future debates and exchanges.

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The full version of the text "Building Blocks for an Energy Pact for Belgium" and the list of organisations, companies and leading figures who put their signatures to the call for a Pact is available (in French and Dutch) on the website www.pacteenergetique.be.