The Life+ project: planting orchards along high-voltage power lines in Wallonia


Protected orchards of indigenous apple and pear trees and medlars are being planted along high-voltage power lines in the provinces of Luxembourg, Liège, Namur and Hainaut as part of Elia's Life+ project.

See images of the work involved in the creation of these orchards in the video below. Preparation of the plants, shown at the start of the video, commenced in a nursery in March 2013. Planting out on location took place just a few weeks ago.

The global target is to plant 20 hectares of protected orchards. Works undertaken in autumn/winter 2013 and spring 2014 have enabled significant progress towards achieving this target. The results are promising and the orchards will serve to visually enhance areas around power lines, offer an extended period of flowering of benefit to insects and provide food and habitats for wildlife. From a genetic viewpoint, the plants used were obtained by harvesting wild apples and pears native to Wallonia. An excellent way of preserving our biocultural heritage!