Europe highlights best practices developed by the Elia Group for acceptance of infrastructure projects


In a study conducted for the European Commission (Study regarding infrastructure development: European strategy for raising public acceptance), the consultancy Roland Berger examines the strategies developed by European transmission system operators to increase the public acceptance of infrastructure projects and highlights the initiatives of 50Hertz and Elia in this regard.

The best practices mentioned in this 290-page report include the town hall meetings and doorstep visits organised by 50Hertz for residents living near its facilities, the BESTGRID project the Group is taking part in and the quality of the information (in particular, the grid load data) provided on the Elia and 50Hertz websites.
On the basis of this study, the European Commission has also developed an online toolkit for the various stakeholders (among them transmission and distribution system operators and local authorities) facing the challenge of securing the general acceptance of projects.
Read Roland Berger’s study