Elia is ready for the winter


Elia has produced statistical analyses and run simulations on informing the authorities, the market and the general public as three nuclear reactors are unavailable. Multiple operational measures have been taken to prepare for the various eventualities and to be ready to cope with them. The weather situation remains a key factor.

The information to which the articles published in L’Echo and De Tijd refer comes from simulations carried out in October on the basis of, firstly, a major cold wave in early December that would lead to a tense situation, and, secondly, a normal winter situation. The aim was to illustrate the size of the margin within which the situation can vary. Such information must be viewed in this context.

The Winter Outlook by ENTSO-E (European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity) – scheduled for publication on Monday – will shed additional light on the situation this winter across Europe.

Since the Doel 4 power station became unavailable, various operational measures have been deployed to prepare for and to be ready to cope with this risk. The weather remains a critical factor. While Belgium is moving slowly into winter, no significant cold wave has been forecast for the next two weeks.
Elia confirms that all steps have been taken to limit the risk of shortages.

The www.offon.be campaign launched on 3 November and the “power indicator” available via the AppStore and on www.readyforwinter.be are keeping all Belgian informed and enabling them to prepare to take appropriate action in case a risk of a power shortage is announced.