Update Tihange 3


On Sunday morning a fire happened at Electrabel’s high-voltage power station on the site of Tihange 3. This station transforms the electricity produced in the unit before it gets transferred to the high-voltage network. Due to the fire, the generation unit was automatically disconnected from the grid.

The trip of the unit was compensated by activating the other production means and by load shedding at some large industrial plants, by which the balance on the network was maintained. For the remainder of the day there is sufficient electricity.

For tomorrow, no further problems are expected as the current temperatures in Belgium and the rest of Europe remain normal for the time of the year. In addition, the rest of the production park (coal, gas, wind,...) and the interconnections are fully available. Due to the announced strike, the consumption will probably be below the normal levels tomorrow. Despite a potential higher consumption in the rest of the week the situation remains stable considering unchanged conditions of the production park and the interconnections. The strategic reserves remain available and can, if needed, be activated.

The damage of the high-voltage station of Electrabel is being assessed at the moment and of course Elia will offer its full support to allow a swift repair and ensure a prompt restart of the unit.

The Elia4cast – the power indicator gives the forecast on the electricity network for the coming 6 days. At the moment and for the coming 6 days the indicator is green . The indicator can be consulted on www.readyforwinter.be and can be downloaded for mobile devices via the App Store, Google play, Windows Store.