BASF Deloitte Elia Chair


‘Greening just marks the start of sustainability,’ says Stuart Hart, a global authority in the field of corporate social responsibility and guest speaker at the BASF Deloitte Elia Chair on Sustainability which took place earlier this week.

This Chair was set up by Elia, BASF, Deloitte, the University of Antwerp and Antwerp Management School and aims to become a centre of expertise for sustainable enterprise. In order to achieve this role, the Chair focuses on research and education and also wishes to increase social awareness of sustainability.

Stuart Hart, an American scientist and co-founder of the ‘bottom of the pyramid’ theory, argues in favour of sustainable enterprise which goes beyond merely greening the status quo and could involve reworking the business strategy. In close collaboration with external social partners, new products, services or business models would then be developed in order to generate both financial and social benefits.

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