Transparency update: maximum import levels


As announced the 25th of August, Elia had to limit the maximum import value for Belgium from 4500 MW to 3250 MW. This was due to a combination of high energy flows from the North and scheduled maintenance works, to prepare the Northern grid for the coming winter.

Continuous monitoring allows us to slightly increase the maximum import level for Belgium for Friday 28 August to 3500 MW. However, it is likely that this value will further fluctuate in the days and weeks to come, which may influence the grid situation. For example, changes in the availability of generation foreseen as of next week might have a negative impact on our import capabilities.

In order to receive the most recent information regarding the maximum import levels for the next day, we advise to consult the daily publication of Flow-Based data, available here:

Elia closely follows up on the situation and thoroughly re-assesses on a daily basis the maximum import levels that can be given without jeopardizing system security.
This update on the maximum import levels is part of our commitment to provide maximum transparency to the market. All further updates will be available through the above weblink.