Testing phase of the new Belgian-French Intraday solution from 17 March until 18 March 2016.


In order to test the new mechanism on the bidding zone border Belgium-France, you can get access to the «Intraday Capacity Service » (ICS) allocation platform provided by Deutsche Börse AG (DBAG) by connecting to the DBAG’s simulation environment.

If you want to attend this testing phase, please contact marketservices@rte-france.com in order to get access to the simulation environment.

The TSOs will send ATC values to the DBAG’s platform, thus you will be able to perform the same actions as those possible in the production environment.

The testing phase will be open from 17/03/2016 till 18/03/2016.

If you have any questions concerning functionalities during this testing phase, please send your requests to marketservices@rte-france.com.