Elia E-nomination tool for the new Belgian-French Intraday solution


As of 22 March 2016, with delivery from 23 March 2016 on, Intraday (ID) nominations will be integrated by TSOs in the balancing perimeter. This is done on behalf of market party that acquired ID capacity on the bidding zone border Belgium-France from the launch of the allocation of ID capacity, through the «Intraday Capacity Service » (ICS) allocation platform.

The ID nominations entered by Elia on behalf of a market party can be consulted through the Elia's E-Nominations system at the Elia website (https://nominations.elia.be/B2C). To be able to do so, the market party needs to have a valid user ID and password to get access to the Elia E-Nomination system. This can be requested through dngridaccess@elia.be.

This new functionality can be tested on 17 March 2016. If a market party is interested in performing this test- which happens via https://nominationsdemo.elia.be/B2C/ - they need to send a notice to francois.jacquemin@elia.be by 16 March 2016 before noon.