Launch of the new Belgian-French & Belgian-Dutch Intraday solution


The transmission system operators, Elia System Operator (herein after “Elia”) in Belgium, RTE in France and TenneT BV in the Netherlands, together with the Power Exchanges APX in the Netherlands, Belpex in Belgium and EPEX SPOT in France, will launch the implicit Intraday cross-border capacity allocation through the M7 intraday trading platform on the bidding zone borders Belgium-France and Belgium-The Netherlands starting from 27th of September 2016 for first deliveries on 28th of September 2016. This market coupling project is referred to as the “Intraday Quick-Wins”.

From the launch on of the new Belgian-French and Belgian-Dutch Intraday solution, the explicit intraday capacity allocation existing on the Belgian-French bidding zone border will no longer be available during normal allocation. An explicit intraday allocation will remain available as fall back for the Belgian-French bidding zone border. This fallback solution will be operated by Elia, on behalf Elia and RTE.