Coupling of Belgian and German markets: new timing implementation to follow



In 2015, Elia, Creos and Amprion worked on a project to couple their networks. The final goal is to achieve a higher security of supply in Luxemburg on one hand, and on the other hand to realize the first commercial coupling between the Belgian and German markets.

As part of this project, Creos is currently installing a phase shifting transformer (PST) 400 MVA 220kV in the sub-station in Schifflange (Luxembourg). Through a better control of energy flows, this PST will contribute to the new corridor for commercial exchanges between Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. At the same time, the construction of two new 220kV lines in the Creos grid (LuxRing project) will add to an improved connection between the three countries. This last project is in realization phase as well.
Concerning the building of a market connection between the Belgian, German/Austrian/Luxembourgian hub, Elia and Creos announce that the BeDeLux interconnector will not come into commercial service in the first semester of 2016, contrary to what was scheduled first. Market will be informed in the course of 2016, as soon as possible, of a new planning.