The Elia Group publishes its half year results 2016


Elia Group continues to invest significantly in grid development and posts a solid operational performance.

Highlights for the first half of 2016:
  • The Elia Group realises grid investments of €153 million in Belgium and €183 million in Germany to reinforce the grid infrastructure.
  • Elia and 50Hertz continue to provide very high system reliability (99.999%), benefiting 30 million end-users in Belgium and Germany.
  • Elia Group’s normalised1 net profit down 0.4% to €84.6 million following increased maintenance expenses and depreciation in Germany (down by 13.3%). Elia Transmission (Belgium) up by 18.8% following a solid operational performance.

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1 The term “normalised” refers to performance measures (EBIT, Net Profit, EPS) before non-recurring items. Nonrecurring items are either income or expenses which do not occur regularly as part of the normal activities of the company. They are presented separately because they are important for the understanding of the underlying sustainable performance of the company due to their size or nature. We refer to page 9, point 7 for a detailed reconciliation of the non-recurring items.