Update regarding the Project IC BeDeLux


After intensive study and more details about the expected impact on the day-ahead market of the implementation of a new phase shifter by Creos, the project group ( Elia, Creos, Amprion) has decided to postpone the commercialization of the new BeDeLux interconnector.

The current impact assessment simulations indicate that it would result in a neutral effect on welfare in the Central Western European zone but at the same time significantly increasing the complexity of the operational processes.

The inclusion of the new Creos phase shifter in the day-ahead market coupling proved to be more complex than detected by the initial impact assessment study performed in 2015. Latest simulations show for most of the scenarios a limitation of the initial flow-based domain. As a consequence, the new Creos phase shifter would not be considered in the majority of the cases in the day-ahead allocation. The feasibility of the adaptations of the operational processes in order to be able to commercialize in day-ahead, has not been confirmed yet by all involved parties given their complexity.

To ensure that the necessary security margins are not hampered within the day-ahead time frame, additional analysis is required. Review of the decision regarding the commercialization of the new Creos phase shifter will take place after one year of trial phase starting with the technical go-live (which is foreseen in November 2016), after an in-depth review of the impact assessment as well as the technical parameters and taking into account the lessons learned regarding the actual real-time usage.

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