TESTING - FALLBACK for Belgian-French intraday solution


Elia-RTEDuring three testing days (12, 14 or 15/09/2016), it will be possible for market participants on the Belgium-France bidding zone border to test the fallback operation for the intraday market.

From the launch of the new Belgian-French intraday solution onwards, the explicit intraday capacity allocation on the Belgian-French bidding zone border will no longer be available during normal allocation. However, an explicit intraday allocation will remain available as a fallback solution for the Belgian-French bidding zone border. This fallback solution will be operated by ELIA, on behalf of ELIA and RTE.

Market parties interested in testing these functionalities can send a confirmation email to Francois.Jacquemin@elia.be before 5/9/2016.

A run-book that will be used during each of these testing days will be provided to market participants having confirmed their interest.