Elia strengthens its cooperation with contractors on safety issues


With more than 120 in attendance at the second Contractors’ Day last week, the safety project got off to a great start. It marked the beginning of a closer partnership with Elia contractors in the area of safety. The preceding year was full of intensive preparations.


This led to the development of new training packages, including e-learning modules and other teaching methods tailored to each of the different work profiles. Five pilot projects in the field paved the way for fine-tuning the new method of mapping out High Safety Risks. Cooperation contracts and Service Level Agreements were examined with a view toward safety performance.

The new working method will be introduced gradually, starting in April; the first stage involves 48 ongoing projects in the field. On the whole, the tougher approach toward safety is comprised of three elements:

  • The first of these is the improved identification and management of situations that entail High Safety Risks.
  • Next, there is a project to enhance the competences of work leaders.
  • Finally, an amendment to the Purchasing Department’s access and evaluation procedures with strictly applied thresholds in the area of safety performance is put in place.

There will be an ongoing exchange of safety information with safety alerts, opportunities for feedback and meetings to ensure cohesion at different levels.

Chris Peeters, CEO of Elia, underlined his personal commitment: “This course was already underway before I took office; however, we have decided to make it an even greater focal point of our strategy. Not a single compromise can or should be made when it comes to the topic of safety. Investing in safety is not about costs, but is a sign of respect for the people with whom you work.”