Go-Live BidLadder project


Further market opening for flexibility arising from demand response and local generation

BidLadder is a market platform that Elia is developing with a view to eventually enabling all market players - connected to any voltage level - or their underlying technology (generation or demand-side management) to offer us the maximum flexibility in their portfolio. BidLadder will allow Elia to further boost liquidity on the balancing market, permitting it to run (technically and economically speaking) as smoothly as possible.

As from today, Elia is ready to implement an important first phase of the BidLadder concept. Flexibility stemming from demand response or decentralised, so-called non-CIPU generating units can now also be offered to Elia in the form of 'free bids'. This is an important step towards further market opening and creating a technology-neutral balancing market, as it means that whenever volumes are available they can be offered at a freely determined price. These volumes will then compete with existing free bids from large generating facilities with a CIPU contract.

The adapted contractual and regulatory framework will also make sure that various players, including independent aggregators or grid users themselves, can offer such flexibility too.

Initially, this new product will be open to volumes connected to Elia's grid. Together with the DSOs, Elia will strive to gain swift access to volumes connected to distribution systems.

"The development of the BidLadder concept is in keeping with a vision of the future in which demand-side management and local generation will play an increasingly important role in providing flexibility." (Patrik Buijs, BidLadder Project Manager)

Please don't hesitate to contact your Key Account Manager If you have any questions about participating in the BidLadder platform or would like to receive more information about it.