First public consultations of projects PICASSO and MARI


European electricity balancing projects PICASSO and MARI: first stakeholder consultations about the design of two European platforms; one for automatic frequency restoration reserves (aFRR – project PICASSO) and one for manual frequency restoration reserves (mFRR – project MARI).

The European electricity balancing projects PICASSO* and the MARI** individually launch their first stakeholder consultation on the design of their respective platforms. The timing of the two consultations is aligned and both will run from November 21st 12:00h until December 20th 2017.

The PICASSO consultation document and questionnaire are available on the ENTSO-E website 
The MARI consultation document and questionnaire are available on the ENTSO-E website 

In these first consultations, different options for the design aspects are presented and stakeholders are asked for their views and preferences. Taking into consideration the received feedback, project members in both projects will prepare the final design of the aFRR and mFRR platforms. These final designs will then be consulted again with the stakeholders around mid-2018.

To assure an efficient consultation process, Elia organizes on Wednesday December 6th a combined workshop to discuss with Belgian stakeholders the consultations of both the PICASSO and MARI project.  The workshop will take place on December 6th 2017 from 9:00h-13:00 at Elia premises; Keizerslaan 20, 1000 Brussels.

If you would like to take part in the discussions, please confirm your participation via by December 1st the latest. Specific questions regarding the consultations may also be sent to Elia directly via the same e-mail address.

*The full press release of the PICASSO project (Platform for the International Coordination of the Automatic frequency restoration process and Stable System Operation) is available here .
** The full press release of the MARI project (Manually Activated Reserves Initiative) is available here .