Elia is publishing the conclusions of a R2 non-CIPU pilot project performed together with Actility, EDF Luminus and Next Kraftwerke


Elia has performed in 2017 a pilot project R2 non-CIPU together with Actility, EDF Luminus and Next Kraftwerke. The aim of this pilot project was to investigate whether small and decentralised flexibility and demand side management is capable in delivering automatic Frequency Restoration Reserves (aFRR).

A description of the pilot project and its conclusions are presented in the report. The report includes also the results of an assessment of the implications of the transfer of Energy for aFRR.

Based on the results of the pilot project Elia believes that it is desirable that the aFRR market is opened to non-CIPU flexibility. Therefore Elia will develop a new market design for aFRR including a technical and economic evaluation of the implementation of Transfer of Energy. The proposal of design shall be presented and consulted to stakeholders in the course of 2018.