Rabosée-Battice project: planning permission granted and work begun at Herve


On 20 October 2017, Elia was granted planning permission to build a new underground electricity connection linking the substations at Rabosée and Battice.


Teams are now on the ground making this project a reality, after construction work began at Herve in early January. Elia is investing €10 million in this new infrastructure, which is essential to supply electricity to the east of the Province of Liège.

The project involves creating a new underground electricity connection between the Battice substation and the future transition substation at Rabosée. The 150-kV, 12-km line will span the municipalities of Liège, Blegny, Soumagne and Herve. It will ensure electricity supply in the eastern part of the Province of Liège and aims to support growth and meet the changing needs of the residential consumers, businesses and electricity generators.