Elia has decided to acquire an additional 20% stake in German transmission system operator 50Hertz



Elia has decided to exercise its pre-emption right and to increase its share in Eurogrid, the holding company above 50Hertz, from 60% to 80%.

  • The transaction will allow further strengthening collaboration and a stronger partnership between Elia and 50Hertz forming the Elia Group as a leading group of transmission system operators (TSOs) in Europe.
  • The transaction price amounts to € 976.5 million and can be financed via 70% hybrid and 30% senior debt issuance.
  • The transaction will benefit to the shareholders and will not affect the transmission tariffs for end consumers, which are regulated in Belgium and Germany respectively.
  • Elia confirms its commitment to deliver its planned investments in grid infrastructure in Belgium and Germany needed to support the energy transition in Europe.
  • Elia will be entitled to fully consolidate 50Hertz after the transaction.

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