Notification of market participants of termination of participation agreement and IFB 4.0 rules - applicable for intraday market in case of activation of fallback solution


The French and Belgian Transmission System Operators (TSOs), RTE Réseau de transport d’électricité (RTE) and Elia System Operator (ELIA) would like to notify all entities that have signed a IFB Participation Agreement that

  • the IFB 4.0 rules will be repealed; and
  • All IFB Participation Agreements linked to these IFB 4.0 rules will be terminated,

as from the Go-Live of the XBID Solution and the Local Implementation Project for the France-Belgium border (LIP 8). The target date for this Go Live is set 12 June 2018 with first delivery 13 June 2018 unless another date is communicated by the XBID project.