Elia organises auction for flemish green certificates and cogeneration certificates in february 2019


As the local transmission system operator in Flanders and in accordance with Articles 7.1.6(2) and 7.1.7(2) of the Energy Decree of 8 May 2009 on energy policy, Elia will organize an auction for green certificates and cogeneration certificates in February 2019.

Elia purchased these certificates at the minimum price guaranteed in the Flemish region. If you wish to take part in the auction, you can find the full details on the auction procedure and the bid form (in Dutch).

Please make sure to send the duly completed and signed bid form (as stipulated in the auction procedure) by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt or by courier with acknowledgement of receipt to: Elia System Operator nv, FAO Peter De Neve, Keizerslaan 20, 1000 Brussels. If your company is not listed on the list of potential purchasers on the VREG website, then register for the list via http://www.vreg.be/kopen-en-verkopen.

We recommend you to confirm your participation in these auctions by sending an email to GC@elia.be, without the bid form.