pdf23.12.2011 - Electricity transmission tariffs for 2012-2015 approved (pdf, 99 KB)
    pdf24.11.2011 - Jacques Vandermeiren: future CEO and Chairman of Elia’s Executive Committee (pdf, 80 KB)
    pdf15.11.2011 - Interim statement Q3 2011 (pdf, 117 KB)
    pdf10.11.2011 - Grid operators and environmental organisations team up to promote sustainable modernisation of electricity grids (pdf, 279 KB)
    pdf21.10.2011 - Elia and RTE test a robot for inspecting high-voltage lines: a first in Europe (pdf, 118 KB)
    pdf20.10.2011 - Consortium composed of Elia, RTE International, and Tractebel Engineering signs framework contract with Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) (pdf, 111 KB)
    pdf11.10.2011 - Amended agenda for General Meeting on 26 October (pdf, 91 KB)
    pdf30.09.2011 - Eleanore project launched (pdf, 1 MB)
    pdf26.08.2011 - Elia’s half-yearly results in line with expectations; new initiatives to promote the integration of the European electricity market and the development of offshore grids (pdf, 352 KB)
    pdf26.08.2011 - Philip Heylen joins Elia Board as Publi-T representative (pdf, 76 KB)
    pdf22.07.2011 - Elia to join Google, Good Energies, Marubeni to finance Atlantic Wind Connection (pdf, 148 KB)
    pdf22.07.2011 - Elia becomes an equity partner in the offshore Atlantic Wind Connection project off the East Coast of the United States (pdf, 175 KB)
    pdf28.06.2011 - Elia donne des ailes au faucon crécerelle (in French) (pdf, 67 KB)
    pdf13.05.2011 - Interim statement Q1 2011 (pdf, 115 KB)
    pdf28.04.2011 - Elia organises public consultation on federal transmission grid development plan and environmental impact report (pdf, 62 KB)
    pdf06.04.2011 - King Albert II visits Elia (in French) (pdf, 71 KB)
    pdf24.03.2011 - Elia teams in action in view of Earth Hour (pdf, 65 KB)
    pdf01.03.2011 - Two new directors appointed to Elia's Board (pdf, 65 KB)
    pdf25.02.2011 - Elia presents strong yearly results, thanks to successful integration of 50Hertz; market coupling extended to Germany and Scandinavia (pdf, 368 KB)
    pdf17.02.2011 - APX-ENDEX, Belpex, Elia and TenneT announce the integration of the Belgian and Dutch intraday markets (pdf, 82 KB)
    pdf17.01.2011 - Next decisive step towards a single European Electricity Market (pdf, 185 KB)